How to get UK work visa (Tier 2)

How to get UK work visa (Tier 2)?

You are in,

  • Good in health
  • At-least completed bachelor’s degree in reputed university
  • Fluent in English
  • Good character
  • Your job under UK skilled shortage list,

Then you are good to go with this tier 2 visa process.

Step 1 – Find a visa sponsor employer in UK

Unless you are a British, Scottish or wales citizen do not browse all the jobs in UK. Even though you get job opportunity and the company does not do sponsorship your effort totally worthless. When you know you need sponsorship employer, always try to find jobs from companies registered under tier 2 visa sponsorship programme.  When you discover UK visa sponsorship companies list, you could able to find more than 22,000 companies. If your want to search each individual company it will take ages to find suitable job opportunity under your stream. As a solution Tier 2 Jobs UK list down all available opportunities under those companies and you can easily find job opportunity filtering relevant categories. All the jobs may not do sponsorship and still there is chance to get sponsorship as those companied already registered under UK tier 2 visa sponsorship. Using either method you could able to find visa sponsor employers in UK

Step 2 – Apply for visa sponsorship job

After you have successfully found visa sponsor employer with availability of job opportunity you could able to apply. In this case please read all their requirements such as qualifications, experience, skills and all relevant information before contact the company direct. Unless you follow their requirement guidelines your application will reject straightaway. Furthermore, when you apply for UK job. You must create your CV according to UK CV Standards. Again if you just apply with your general CV your application has 80% more chance to reject even without it open. So be careful to prepare proper CV according to UK CV Standers.

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After you create CV fulfilling job requirements and list down your skills, qualifications and relevant details you have to create cover letter. Cover letter briefly demonstrate about your self and, analysing officer able to get clear idea about who you are? What you want What is you. So make sure to well organized your cover letter along with your CV and apply for the founded visa sponsorship job opportunity.

Even though company has no intention to offer tier 2 work visa at the moment and if your CV and cover letter considerably strong and fit to purpose. There is a chance to get a visa sponsorship from the particular employer. Considering all those facts, before you make an application read every single word in the job description and create unique application for apply.

Step 3 – Get certificate of sponsorship

When employer agree you to get into the job, employer has to apply for certificate of sponsorship (CoS) behalf of you. This certificate based on your desire position, salary (average £30,000 per annum), contract time and everything. As we mentioned before, if your employer registered under tier 2 visa sponsorship programme this is a just few day easy task. But your employer new to this sponsorship, employer must register before apply and this take 2-3months process. As soon as you get the certificate of sponsorship you can apply for the tier 2 work visa accomplishing government eligibility criteria.

Step 4 – Apply for tier 2 visa

Finally, after you complete all the mandatory steps, find a sponsor, apply for work visa sponsorship job and after receiving certificate of sponsorship(CoS) you ready for apply tier 2 visa under following circumstances.

  • Valid certificate of sponsorship.
  • Evidence of you will be gat paid appropriate salary for your job.
  • Knowledge of English (IELTS or Live in UK)
  • Personal servings to support yourself (If you live in UK, £945 in your bank account for last 90 days before apply)
  • Good in health (tuberculosis test report/ TB)
  • Travel evidence and travel history for 5 years.
  • Criminal record for last 12 months
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Documents you must provide

  • Reference number of your certificate of sponsorship
  • Proof of English knowledge (test results)
  • Bank statement with necessary funds
  • Current passport with at-least 1 blank page
  • Expired passports if any,
  • Criminal record certificate

When everything is ready you good to apply. Whether you in UK or Outside you could able to apply through online. Visa fee will vary depend on where you apply from and how long does your visa last.