How to get UK work visa Sponsorship and Job

If you are an international student or international job seeker who is looking to migrate UK, then definitely you need a work visa. To get a work visa you must sponsored by UK registered employer. Not a just registered employer and the company must have registered under tier 2 visa sponsorship licence programme. Then you could able to apply for tier 2 visa archiving its eligibility requirements and financial status. In this complete guide you will understand entire A-Z process and necessary recommendations.

  1. What is tier 2 visa
  2. Find a Sponsor in UK
  3. How to get visa certificate of sponsorship?
  4. How to apply for tier 2 visa
  5. Get support from UK visa sponsorship consultants

If you able to follow these process step by step, then you able to successfully apply for the visa without any trouble and enter to UK.

What is tier 2 visa

Considering UK short-term and long-term skill shortage, UK government introduced special visa category. This call tier 2 visa and only skilled people able to enter to UK by gaining this work visa. Furthermore, if you able to get tier 2 visa it could lead to bring your suppose and children under dependent visa. Basically this visa offers minimum 2 years up-to maximum of 5 in years. If you able to complete 5 years in UK under tier 2 visa, then you eligible to apply for UK PR as a benefit.

Who can apply for tier 2 visa?

To apply for this visa, you must be hold at least bachelor’s degree with good knowledge of English. As well as you must be in good health, depend on applying country you must have to pass appropriate health examinations. Basically tuberculosis test. These are the basic things you must consider before think about UK work visa. In last and compulsory, your occupation must under UK short or long term skill shortage list.

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