Going through an immigration process could be a daunting experience. It could be great deal of relief having an experienced person taking you through this process, especially if different consultants have offered various conflicting immigration advices to you in the past.

The huge demand for visa and other relative immigrant processes are forcing the foreign consulates across the country to be experiencing loads of visa applications daily. A development like this will not come without its disadvantages. The foreign nations and their consular officers are now likely going to penalize and deny visa to any applicant who has made any mistake, even an honest one.

Therefore, it is now so important for some applicants to seek for a genuine advice from where it can be found.

Several applicants often want to know whether they actually need a lawyer or they should just go ahead with their various applications without any consultation. Having regards to the foregoing, I would state at least 5 Reasons why hiring an immigrant lawyer  for your visa application maybe important and relevant below:


All matters with visa issuance, refusal or even ban has to do with law, and it is only lawyers that are competent to give legal advice. Although some of the immigration laws consular officers would rely upon to issue or deny a visa applications are foreign law of their home countries, but a diligent and experienced lawyer would be able to interpret any law, regardless of the jurisdiction where it is enacted and be able to advise clients accordingly.

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The role of a lawyer in a visa application is simply to advise you on various aspects of law that is critical to your visa application. However, the ethical rule does not allow a lawyer to charge recklessly; a lawyer’s fee must be commensurate with the work done. Therefore, a typical immigration lawyer’s fee is moderate and often affordable.


The spate of visa fraud in Nigeria is at highest rate at the moment. Some middlemen demonstrating like genuine consultants are now ripping off people of their hard earned incomes by representing to them that they would help them to easily process visa. However, lawyers are professionals whose activities are regulated by Nigerian Bar Association. Therefore, a lawyer may not make a fraudulent representation with aim of extorting money from vulnerable people and can guide a client from such extortion.


More than 50% of visa refusals occur as a result of little mistake. Engaging a lawyer for an advice and to help you vet your visa application before submitting may go a long way to prevent those little mistakes that could lead to a refusal of a visa and even ban some cases.


Lawyers often offer post-visa issuance or denial services. Even when a visa is issued, it does not qualify as automatic entry to the issuance foreign country. Most embassies would inform you that borders or custom agencies at the various ports of entry are responsible for admitting or refusing aliens from entering their countries. Therefore you may still need a lawyer to advise you before traveling to a country that has issued you a visa, especially when there has been variation on your purpose of traveling.

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In the same token, where your visa application has been unnecessarily denied, your immigration lawyer may file an appeal on your behalf, where applicable or advise on the appropriate step to take where refusal is not appealable.

In conclusion, getting a lawyer to review and handle your visa case file might just be an appropriate decision to make, considering high stake situation of visa application in Nigeria and uncountable numbers of unprofessional advisers, which are disguising as visa experts and ended up worsening some visa applicants’ situations.

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